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Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity Ambassador Awards

April 2009


Winner :  Daniel Kruger

Dealership : Audi Centre Centurion

Area : Sales
Daniel Kruger - Audi Centre Centurion

Congratulations to Daniel Kruger who wins the April Customer Centricity Dealer Award for the below citation received for excellent service from his newly converted Audi customer, Grant Se Ivan.  The citation reads as follows.


"Dear Mr Stadler 

I am writing to you as an owner of a new Audi, and need to bring some things to your attention. Firstly let me start by saying , that I am one of those clients, who are very difficult to sell to as a result of being a salesman myself, for many years, (You know the type of individual who, checks the closing techniques and mentally deciphers what the salesman, is actually trying to sell them.)  Added to this, I would never sit down to think about writing or actually write a letter, thanking someone for allowing me to spend R400 000.00 on a car. That said here is that letter.

On the 13th of April, I approached another German car manufacturer in search of my dream car the new 3 Series BMW. Well within my price bracket, I had studied it  from engine to exhaust pipe. I set off determined to drive it off the show room floor that day. I stood in a black business suit and waited the salesman to run towards me, with key in hand and fulfill my expectation. Well I waited and coughed a bit for some sort of a response, walked around the cars and was never assisted. 

I walked out and decided that maybe BMW was so busy selling cars, in this booming car market, that they just did not have time for little old me. I then drove past Audi Centurion in Pretoria, South Africa and though I would stop and have a look. I looked at the A3 2.0 and decided I could buy this car and save a-lot of money and still have a very nice looking car. 

Here comes the good bit ! 

I met Daniel Kruger your Audi Sales specialist and he introduced me to the new A4 2.0 TFSI 155KW “Beast” (It’s not the R8 but then again one can always dream.) I have never met a human being that is so passionate  and truly in love with a brand as much as he is. He did not sell me your car, he delivered an honest and sincere opinion as to why I could drive nothing else but the Audi. He unequivocally lives for your brand of car, and he treated me with respect and really became the catalyst in ensuring that I bought into everything that Audi believes their cars are. He did not only make purchasing the car an experience that I will never forget, nor will I forget to relay this feeling to any potential car buyer, but he took the experience beyond the purchase and still proceeded to contact me, even after I owned the car,  to affirm my good taste and enquire as to its well being. 

As far as the car, is concerned, well done boys. You truly have built something wonderful. You have made sure that as long as I am physically able to drive, it will be behind the wheel of an Audi. 

Thank you"

Another great response as a result of a "Great Customer Experience" created by the passion that Daniel has for the Audi Brand.


Well done Daniel, keep up the passion for your Brand, it's clearly contagious !!!!

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